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EP 52: Claude VonStroke: How to breakthrough in the music business

EXTRA SPECIAL 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY EPISODE. Today we bring you a special birthday treat: Lessons from one of the best in the business. Never give up. That’s the lesson we get today from Dirtybird Records chief Claude VonStroke. He’s a DJ, producer, label boss, and the leader of a tribe that trusts him to provide a full-service entertainment experience that includes events and merchandise. The Dirtybird BBQ daylong cookout with DJs have become a favorite of fans around the country, and last year’s Dirtybird Campout took things up several notches — a weekend of grown-up summer camp activities in addition to music from Dirtybird DJs and friends. We’re talking tug-o-war and kayak races. Josh stopped by the Dirtybird LA headquarters to learn the secrets to building a brand with such a devoted following, directly from CVS. First, he never gave up. He failed multiple times along the way — as a rapper, a drum & bass DJ, in movie production — and bounced back each time, refining his vision and renewing his spirit. Things finally clicked when he launched the label a decade ago. He also gives us some lessons in staying close to fins. He gives them exclusive access to him and his creations. He talked to them, and listens to their ideas and feedback. All that and more in our blazing 1-year anniversary show. Come back next week for the kickoff to year 2 and even more fire.

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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