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EP 51: Super CW is going to help you beat cancer

Warning: Today’s episode gets pretty deep. Don’t worry, we’ll be back to our regular shallow selves next week.

Super CW flew in from Hawaii just to chop it up with us. She’s on a break from being one of the island’s hardest working people: DJ, blogger, marketer, documentary filmmaker, and part of the Pow! Wow! crew that is becoming famous around the world for its cutting-edge art shows.

Last year she added one more distinction: cancer survivor. While she battled breast cancer in 2015, she documented her journey and the healing protocol on her Snapchat and her blog and is now creating a documentary film to share her inspiring story with the world.

CW shares so many intimate details of her experiences as a nightlife leader and as a warrior. She explains how everything she does is from the heart, and how the experience of cancer brought out the best in her: "It's not this dog eat dog; we're going to help each other because we're all one. We're all from the same place no matter who we are, and it's our duty as humans to make sure that we can help each other."Tune in now for more.

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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