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EP 48: She's just so comfortable and confident, and she's naked.

Missy Suicide is a badass, if you can’t tell by the name. She’s the owner of the world’s largest collection of naked goth chicks. More accurately, she’s co-founder of Suicide Girls, a community of over 20 million people that is redefining beauty not only through glamorous portraits of unclothed women who often don’t fit traditional definitions of beauty, but through candid and supportive discussion of topics spanning the complexity of modern life.

As she puts it, "We felt like this was place that people who felt outside the norm could come hang out and have as their home online... and you're likely to create cool things and meet amazing people and change your life. We had the grand vision of it being something that people could use to come together."

Missy came by the Rebel Radio studios to give us some insight into how she’s built a brand that touches so many people in such powerful ways.

She explains how she’s learned to balance ignoring the haters with gathering valuable information from her community, and why it’s so important for her to be a member of the community, not just the owner. We also get some insight into the pros and cons of hiring from within the community.

Hope you like it.

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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