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EP 01: Static Revenger says protect your brand and own your shit!

Could working with Joe Jonas or Selena Gomez be a bad career move? Well, if you’re an artist whose core sound isn’t pop, it could mean taking a few years to get your career back on track. At least that was the case for our first Rebel Radio guest, Static Revenger aka Latroit.

"I slapped my name on everything. I got pop associations and I sort of bought into all the money I was going to make... I could have had the greatest record you ever heard in the dance underground, but DJs were not going to respond to that. I couldn't get a promo opened from an underground DJ after that."

Dennis White, best known as Static Revenger, and more recently as Latroit, has created tracks and remixes for everyone from Madonna to Steve Aoki and Swedish House Mafia and has sold over 3.5 million records including "Happy People," which was named a top-10 song of the decade, by Fatboy Slim.We sat down to talk about his career, the importance of separating your credited name and your musical sound, and why he comes to the defense of DJs like Paris Hilton.

Check out Static Revenger's Soundcloud: @staticrevenger wrote about us here!

Mix Engineer: Mark Faicol


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