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EP 41: 6 reasons you need to hear more from Vikter Duplaix [Part 2]

We hope you enjoyed last week’s interview with Vikter Duplaix. There was so much good stuff that we had to re-up for a second week. If you missed the first part, you can check it out below.

In part two, Vikter tells us about his first big break and how he learned (the hard way) to take credit for the work he’s done. He also explains how he managed to stay focused on his creative vision when people were expecting him to be something different.

Then we get to hear about being mentored by r&b great Kenny Gamble, linking up with James Poyser from the Roots, launching a company with Jazzy Jeff, and collaborating with King Britt and Louie Vega.

How does a man keep his head on straight in the midst of money, respect, fame? Vikter says: "You just have to know do you love making music or do you love being famous? And whichever one it is be honest about it and shape your career that way."

Oh, and when the stakes is high and the cameras are on you: Rely on the confidence you built through all those years and hours of practice.

You do practice, don’t you? Thought so.

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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