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EP 03: Tuxedo: Mayer Hawthorne says get your shit together and don't fly coach!

Every episode comes with snippets of old and new school tracks! Listen to sounds from Mayer Hawthorne, Detroit Swindle, Rae Sremmurd, Grandmaster Flash, + more. See playlist for more!

Rebel Radio caught up with retro soul singer Mayer Hawthorne and producer Jake One, known together as the funk throwback Tuxedo.

We found out how they balance jumping between different genres of music (Mayer: It literally keeps me sane) and why they wanted to collab after both working solo for so long. Jake says the best part is having “Somebody to tell you when you cross that fine line between keeping it G and Kenny G!”

They break down indie labels vs. majors, what selling out means to them, and learning from other artists on tour, plus their go to DJ “get out of jail free” songs.

“The music business is extremely unfortunately 99 percent business and one percent music. That is just the sad truth of it, but it’s the truth. Sometimes that is really hard to get around. Having fun is the key to everything."

We also got some tips on stage fright, and Mayer’s wild record collecting habits. Oh, and if you happen to catch Mayer in the mood, he just might bake you one of his famous banana cream pies.

Check out Mayer Hawthorne's Soundcloud Channel: @mayerhawthorne

Check out Jake One - Jake Uno's Soundcloud Channel: @jakeuno

Check out Tuxedo's Soundcloud Channel: @tuxedofunk

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Mix Engineer: Mike Bugaoan


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