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EP 226: Monalisa Murray: Let me just start this

Monalisa is one of those "it's the journey, not the destination" kind of people.

She's played a big role in the LA club scene and music scene for many years — as a DJ at Motown on Mondays, Dublab, and so many of our city's great clubs; as the used record buyer at Amoeba and an important link to vinyl for many DJs, producers, collectors; as a promoter / marketer, connector of dots.

But to hear her tell it, her accomplishments have been the result of being willing to try new things, to take advice and encouragement from the people around her, and to just throw herself into something without having it all planned out.

Check out the stories of the big-name DJs who stepped up and helped or gave her a push when she was starting out. And the great story about the mini-movement she started on Facebook a few years back. Think about the people who have helped you, or could help you, AND the people you can help. That's your homework for today.

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Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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