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EP 207: Proximity's Blake Coppelson: From curation to creation

Blake Coppelson turned his Proximity YouTube channel into a record label and is now building the company into a lifestyle brand. Want to learn how?

First, he built the channel up to 8 million subscribers by posting the hottest EDM tracks each week. Listen to the interview to hear the rest, and where he's planning to take it next, and what he's learning along the way.

Then check out some new music at

Welcome back to our co-host Ethan Baer who joins us again for this episode. Ethan was a co-host on the interview with Gareth Emory and is the head of electronic music at Create Music Group. Ethan was also featured in his own episode back in 2018, when he was a co-founder of


If you liked this one, check out our interview with Peanut Butter Wolf.

Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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