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EP 177: Kevin Allocca: Stay curious LIVE from Cannes Lions

Kevin Allocca gets paid to do what most of us do for free: Watching YouTube videos. I caught up with Kevin at the YouTube beach club during Cannes Lions and he took a half hour away from speaking on-stage and advising the world's biggest marketers to tell us about his fascinating job as the head of trends and culture at YouTube. He and his team are responsible for helping their brand clients understand why some things go viral and how to make content that's relevant and gets watched. He gave us some great insights into the way YouTube has changed over the years and the role it plays in the daily life of the world, and also what it means to him to have his finger on the pulse of billions of people. When you're done here, you should go watch Kevin's TED talk: HERE And buy his book Videocracy: HERE And sign-up to come meet me at Cannes Lions next year:


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Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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