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EP 116: Corey McGuire of Winston House: How to go big without getting too big

Around LA, Winston House has become something of an open secret. Even knowing about it, or better yet, having been, instantly makes you look a whole lot more plugged in. If you do spend an evening inside, you come to understand that being there, being part of the community, sharing the experience, is so much more than clicking Like on the photo. Reminds us of the old days before everyone was hip to everything and every moment was gone as soon as it happened. For those who aren’t plugged in, Winston House is actually some dude’s townhouse in Venice where he hosts private concerts from up-and-comers as well as some of the most famous artists in the world. Corey McGuire is that dude. Instead having him to our studio, we went to his house to hear about the vision that is so much bigger than Venice, and yet so much smaller and more intimate than the intended massive media platform would suggest. He also shares some intimate details about the anxiety that comes with being a founder, with trying to do something good, and with having to be the one to tell people they aren’t invited.


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Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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