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EP 74: Melanie Maras: You can't just start beating someone with a stick.

This week, Josh brings back his sometimes co-host Cassandra. If you love Cassandra, let us know and we’ll try to coax her back into the studio. If you don’t love Cassandra, what’s wrong with you? We’re not exactly sure what you’re supposed to learn from this episode. You definitely will NOT get step-by-step instructions for becoming a dominatrix. Or a recipe for making fake semen. Oh, we talk about sex a lot in this show. Fitting, because our guest is Melanie Maras, host of YouTube’s “Male Kama Sutra” and the one woman behind the one-woman show “Red Flag,” both of which present her own funny takes on sex and relationships. Melanie is also a finalist in the Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World competition, representing Indonesia, even though she lives in LA. She says she’s Indonesian, but we think she might just be saying that to be funny. We do hope you’ll learn some things about finding your own unique voice, about testing your boundaries, and about accomplishing more than you think you can. That, plus a new position called the jelly donut. It’s nasty.

* Track of the Week: Kyle Watson - Watermelons

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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