EP 65: Miles Beard: How to keep going when giving up is so easy

Miles Beard is a young cat with, as they say in the music business, a golden ear. He’s been a creative force behind several of the biggest hits in recent years, from Jason Derulo, Wiz Khalifa, David Guetta, Charlie Puth, to name a few. He tells us the story of his journey from starting out as a local DJ to becoming an A&R executive at the top of the game. His secrets to success might surprise you: - Never Give Up. - Don’t Be Afraid. - Your Biggest Asset is Your Relationships. Learn how he does it, and also hear an amazing story about a recording session with a certain 80s sex symbol that didn’t go according to plan. Don't forget to subscribe to our iTunes feed so you never miss another episode.

* Track of the Week: Arizona Zervas & Lox Chatterbox - Litty (prod. TML)

Mix Engineer: James Soriano

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