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EP 64: Amanda Micallef: How to get out of the way of the crowd

Amanda Micallef says her company, Arsenic, offers an innovative medium that is crowdsourced and crowd curated. We think it’s about pictures and videos of fine ass women. But what do we know? Could be both? Either way, Arsenic is the most-followed brand on Snapchat and is killing the game on Instagram. Innovative for sure. It’s a “magazine” with no magazine, and a digital company with no website. Arsenic started up as a means for Amanda to express her creativity that wasn’t being met through independent film and commercial production. She quickly learned that people, models and fans alike, loved the way Arsenic put them in control. It gave them a voice, with a side of sideboob. A winning combination, to be sure. She stopped by the studio to let us in on her secrets. Hint: they include free pizza. Trust: You’re gonna wanna hear this one.

* Track of the Week: Y.A.S. - MUSE

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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