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EP 61: Champagne Drip: How to do it just for the sake of art

Champagne Drip creates a sort of trap - future bass - tropical house - glitch fusion. Or something like that. What I’m trying to say is stop trying to categorize his music and just enjoy it. He makes bangers for Mad Decent, a recent collaboration with Dillon Francis, and prior to his reinvention as Champagne Drip, he was making drum & bass under the name SPL. Sam drops by the studio to tell us how his alter egos came to be and why they make creative sense, whether or not they make any business sense. For Sam, it’s all about exploring his creativity in as many was as possible. The business, he figures, will take care of itself. Listen to his story here. Then leave us an iTunes review.

* Track of the Week: Audiobot & Bamiyah - Lies

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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