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EP 47: How to be like Risk: Live, breathe, eat, sleep art.

This episode is part two in our ARTXWORK REBELS series, brought to you in partnership with Guerilla One, our go to source for information on graffiti and street art. Guerilla One is on hiatus online, so hit us up directly if you want more information.

Graffiti art legend Risk stops by our studio to tell us about his latest project — a joint show with fellow Rebel Radio alum TAZ — and give us some insights into how he’s built one of the most interesting careers you’ll ever find.

Risk is a study in dichotomy.

He looks like an outlaw, like Rick Rubin’s first cousin or maybe a member of a bike gang.

He got famous for doing illegal art, bombing the streets of Los Angeles and as one of the first to paint the “heavens” (art pieces and tags on freeway signs).

That led him to success in the “legit” art world, gallery shows, selling paintings for big dollars, album covers, and one of the first streetwear lines. He’s since created his own gallery. Along the way, he studied art at USC and took business classes.

He walked away from the clothing business because it became too much business and not enough art.

Risk has some amazing lessons that apply to any business: Know what you stand for and don’t do anything else.

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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